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The End-of-Life Doula You Can Depend On

Serenity End of Life Doula's mission is to raise awareness about end of life care and to provide end of life education, resources, and coordination of end of life support services in the Black and underserved communities.  


Helping You and Your Loved One Find Serenity and Comfort 

at the End of Life


What is an End-of-Life Doula?

The National End of Life Doula Alliance defines End-of-Life Doulas (EOLD) as those who “provide non-medical, holistic care and support to the dying person and their family which may include education and guidance as well as emotional, spiritual, and practical care from early diagnosis through bereavement.”



When faced with a chronic illness or a terminal diagnosis, conversations about death and end-of-life care can be difficult.

However,  talking about these issues are necessary to make sure that you or your loved one will live

with dignity and respect  in the final days.

Let Serenity show you how!

Through interactive workshops and presentations, I will provide you with the tools you need to have the those difficult

conversations about how you want to be cared for at the end of your life.

Serenity's goal is to empower you to improve the quality of your  life by ensuring that your advance care plan is in place,

thereby alleviating your loved one's of the burden of making end-of life decisions for you.  

Feel free to contact Serenity or browse the website for more information.

Book your FREE 30-minute consultation here:



Get to Know Me

As a Certified Hospice and Palliative Licensed Nurse with decades of nursing experience, I specialize in  taking care of the elderly, and chronically and terminally ill adults. During my career I have been blessed and honored to share in the end of life journeys with many individuals and their families.


 As a Licensed  Willow EOL  Educator® I help you approach your end of life with peace and serenity. My calm, supportive presence will provide you with end of life support and education that is compassionate, sincere, and from my heart to yours. 



  • Hospice and Palliative Nursing Association (HPNA)-A national organization that represents the specialty of palliative nursing
  • National Association of Licensed and Practical Nurses (NAPLN)-President of CA State Chapter-Fosters high standards of nursing care and promotes continued competence through education/certifications and lifelong learning
  • Lambda Psi Nu Sorority, Inc.-Promotes and enhances the profession of practical and vocational nursing, and strengthens community cohesiveness
  • National End-of-Life Doula Alliance-Seeks to inspire positive, creative change in American death practices by creating high standards, ethical and practical guidelines, and rich networking opportunities for all EOLDs, resulting in meaningful experiences for the dying, their caregivers, and the agencies involved
  • Hospice & Palliative Credentialing Center Awards Selection Committee (2021-2023, 2023-2025 Terms)--Offers specialty certification to the hospice and palliative team
  • National Home Funeral Alliance-Educates families and communities to care for their own loved ones after death
  • CA Black Health Network (H.E.A.T Health Equity Advocacy Committee)--Connects, collaborates, and communicates with peers and like-minded individuals in support to ensure health equity for Black Californians
  • International Doula Life Movement Instructor-Offers international doulas —of all specialties—a values and mission-based education, resource center, and community committed to helping them support others.
  • Willow End Of Life Educator-End of life education, planning, workshops, presentations, and events
  • NHPCO End of Life Doula Advisory Council-Provides information and resources to NHPCO, its members, affiliated organizations, and the general public to promote awareness and understanding of the end-of-life doula role.


Vision Statement 

Serenity End of Life Doula's vision is to empower people about their own end-of-life choices and educate them to lessen the anxiety and fear surrounding  death. It is Serenity End of Life Doula's sincere honor to provide heart-centered education with Serenity and compassion.




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